In the late 80’s Shearn was given the opportunity to build a 10,000 square foot stone and hewn log home that he designed, on a Carmel-area ranch overlooking the ocean. To take the job, he moved to Carmel, where he still lives in a small but artful house overlooking the ocean. During the final stages of the project, Shearn began to search - in vain - for light fixtures of a scale to match rooms with 30-foot open beam ceilings. “Standard lighting available looked like toy piñatas to me,” he said. He needed something different. So, Shearn decided to custom design and build the lights himself for this home. “When the light bulb went on, I was sitting in my studio, sketching out the concept for the lights. The pendant tapered down to a point like an arrow. I had a crystal point on my desk and I wasn’t sure how to complete the bottom of the pendant...until I laid the crystal down on the sketch and realized that was the missing link I was looking for,” he said. Little did he realize that his efforts would grow into such an enjoyable spin-off. “StoneLight Works started out as a hobby - an excuse to travel, ski and fish in the places I love - and has grown into a really inspirational thing for me,” he said. “Delivering and installing these light sculptures has afforded me the opportunity to see some incredible architecture and to meet some great people.”

They’re art pieces. They’re sculptures. They’re pretty much one of a kind. With a collection of single pendants, multi-tiered chandeliers and sconces, StoneLight Works is represented in art galleries and designer showrooms throughout California, the Southwest and Rocky Mountain Regions. The collection is all custom-made and Shearn embraces opportunities to design explicitly for clients looking for “an alternative to the prevalence of western motif lighting.” While optional colors and designs are available, Shearn’s specialty is chandeliers that not only provide lighting for large scale spaces - they have been designed and scaled for entry foyers, great rooms, dining rooms, pool tables and breakfast nooks - but also inspire awe through the timelessness of his design. It’s difficult to tell if they are centuries old or contemporary.